Why Your Hairstylists Should Learn About the Different Methods of Hair Extensions

Are you running a salon business? If you are running a salon business, you already know for sure that there are already so many salons around like in one area, there are a number of salons. With such a tough competition and being the business owner, you have to make sure that your business will not be easily defeated. One way of ensuring it is to make sure that you can provide all the possible requests of your customers. Like for example if they want your staff to apply them hair extensions, then they must do so.


This is why, if your staff are not well informed about hair extension applications, then you have to do something about it right away. Yes this definitely needs immediate action as when a customer will find out that you don’t offer what she needs, she might not visit your business again. This is not something to worry about though as there are now a number of agencies that provide hair extension courses. Yes and if you want to provide comprehensive services to your customers, then you must enroll your staff to one of these facilities.

Most women these days are into hair extensions because of the fact that most celebrities are using them. Check out below the benefits of using hair extensions:

  • Hair extensions will add volume to your limp and dull hair. Well, of course the staff in a salon can also find a way for a customer’s hair to be with more volume and less dull. However, if might take some time. If the customer has an event in just a few hours, she might not get what she wants in the end. With hair extensions though, the process will be quick and the result is instant.
  • You can become a chameleon. Yes, do you know what a chameleon is? It is a kind of land reptile where its color will be changing. Thus if you are bored with the color of your hair and you also don’t want to permanently change it, you can use hair extensions. With them in your hair, you will get what you want and at the same time, you can also have them removed if you want to your original hair color.


Indeed hair extensions can be beneficial and for this reason alone, you should ensure that your staff are adept when it comes to their applications.

Author Bio – Kim Hunjan BSC, brand ambassador got GLhair, teacher for Belle Academy delivering accredited hair extension courses and salon owner

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