The Mission for Educating Our Youth

What are mission schoolsMission schools date as far back as the 16th century. Christians or Missionaries establish these schools with the intent to promote strong evangelical values and conversion within the student body. A mission school can be a primary or secondary school, as well as a college or university. The main goal of mission schools is to spread Christianity throughout communities.

Although religion is a strong learning aspect for these schools, students still receive regular academic and vocational studies. However, in order to carry out the main goal of spreading Christianity, students are often heavily involved in various types of charitable work. Through these charitable events, students have the opportunity to not only grow in their faith, but also share their faith with others. These events often provide unique and unforgettable experiences for the students. These personal memories remain with the students throughout their lives. As they become more mature, these experiences are often passed down to the next upcoming generation of students or other people in their lives.

At times, the value of mission schools often goes unnoticed among other regular public schools. In many parts of the world, mission schools are indeed a child’s only hope for any type of education. The beauty of having mission schools in underdeveloped areas and communities is that the young children have the opportunity to see Christian values in action. As they grow into young adults, they begin to nurture these values. They start to realize the positive impact that these values have on people other than themselves. These students often grow up and give back to the same community in which they grew up.

At this stage in life, many of them may choose to further their education at a higher level of mission schools such as a college or university. Now they have the opportunity to expand their Christian values and specialize in a specific area of their faith. Many of these schools offer Bachelor, Graduate, and Discipleship programs in order to achieve their desired goal in life. Throughout their time at the college or university, they still have the opportunity to perform subject related missions in various parts of the world. This provides the perfect intern opportunity for their field of study.

Mission schools execute a very beautiful mission when it comes to educating our youth. It is understood that it is extremely important that every child receives regular academic education. Mental knowledge is indeed power. However, mission schools also take care of spiritual knowledge. These schools provide the opportunity for children to realize the benefits of possessing strong Christian values.

Since the days of the first mission school of the 16th century, these schools are constantly growing throughout the world. The message of Christianity remain strong due to the values these schools instill in our youth. Mission schools start with a child’s instinctive universal love for all mankind and continues to develop it into a mentoring spirit to pass on to others in various paths of life.


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