The Benefits of an ITIL Certification


Deciding whether or not to go back and get more education is always a difficult choice. With the news of student debt everywhere, and the rise of people looking for better paying work that’s in line with their skills, you might wonder if it’s simply too much a gamble to get your Information Technology Infrastructure Library  (ITIL) certification. However, there are likely more benefits to getting it that you’ve even fully considered. Before you decide, remember the following perks of further training.

  1. Tech Isn’t Going Anywhere 

And with the amount of hackers today, the need for people who understand it all only continues to grow. It’s no news that the world of technology has expanded at a rapid pace, but each company is moving at a very different pace. While some businesses boast the best in equipment and online capabilities, other companies continue to have a hard time adapting to the new order in business. However, all companies will eventually have to catch up if they want to continue to serve the needs of their ever more demanding customers. And being ready for and on the precipice of that change can make you very in demand.

  1. A Better Resume

 ITIL certification can help you stand out in a pack of candidates all claiming that they’re a hard worker who’s happy to think outside the box and go the extra mile. Having additional credentials means that you’ve already taken the time to go that extra mile, and it means that you can point out just how likely it is you’ll be able to step into a role right away. Experience is worth its weight in gold, and you’ll definitely get that when you get your certification. When you truly hit the ground running in a position, you stand that much of a chance of making the impression that carries you through to several promotions.

  1. A Puzzle Everyday 

Getting your ITIL certification means that you’ll be able to think all day every day about puzzles in the workplace. This is all about finding the most efficient ways to use technology services. With new apps and features coming out every day, businesses have their hands full when it comes to making sure that they’re not wasting money on fancy tools that no one will care about or use. Employees have varying relationships with technology of course, but while some people are willing to dive in and try, others are more likely to feel intimidated or annoyed about new changes in policy. Your job will be reconciling these facts and making sure that people will actually do what they’re supposed to. If you like thinking on the job, constant challenges and being needed, this is an excellent step on the path to finding the right position for you.

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