Taking Care of Your Child’s Educational Needs in a Foreign Land

As the number of expatriate residents in Dubai continues to grow at a rapid rate, the demand for high-quality educational institutions is growing as well. Many expats move to the area with business goals, investment plans, and real estate dreams. However, many of them also have young children to account for. In an unfamiliar land, it may be difficult for expat parents to find serviceable childcare centres and reputable educational establishments, which usually ends up complicating their assimilation process. After recognising the huge number of expats that comprise Dubai’s core population, a plethora of international schools have started establishing institutions in Dubai. In an effort to cater to the ever-growing number of expats in the region, the local agencies have started creating strong relationships with these reputable educational institutions. But, as a parent, it can be challenging to select the right institution for your child.

Selecting the Proper Institution

Recent focus studies suggest that parents from all over the world usually conduct exhaustive research on many different factors before selecting an institute for their children. For the most part, parents understand the fact that they won’t be able to be by their children’s sides around the clock. Thus, they tend to go the extra mile when it comes to selecting a long-term educational institution, particularly when moving to a foreign land. Surprisingly enough, parent reviews and aggregate grades are not the primary factors when choosing an educational institute. Instead, the vast majority of today’s parents tend to seek out suggestions from friends, family, and co-workers. Most mothers and fathers acknowledge that a word-of-mouth endorsement carries more weight than a formal school rating or a passive suggestion. However, after creating a short-list of their favourite schools, many parents tend to use online ratings and aggregate grades to help make a final decision. “School shopping” has to feature a comprehensive approach that leaves no stone unturned. There is a slew of other details that parents analyse before making their final selections, especially when it comes to finding a British school in Dubai. These include the proximity to home, the distance to work, extra-curricular hobbies offered by the institution, the tuition rates, summer programs, teacher reviews, and the nature of the curriculum.

Why Is Childhood Education So Important?

Recent neurological studies demonstrate the significant role that education plays in children’s brain development. Infants essentially begin to absorb the world around them at a very early age and this desire for knowledge only grows as they begin to crawl, walk, and talk. The strong bonds they form with their parents and their initial learning experiences profoundly affect their emotional, physical, cognitive, and social development. Supplementing the early years of children’s lives with a proper education is the best investment we can make in the next generation.

When it comes time to make a move, whether it’s to the next town over or to some country on the other side of the world, make sure that you place your child’s education at the top of your priorities list. Regardless of his or her current age, he or she will thank you down the road.

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