Skills you Need to Become a Data Scientist

Data Scientist has stirred the interest of many people as it has become the fastest growing field of Silicon Valley. Data scientists are now among the highest paid and in-demand professionals of the present era of technology. They are the data wranglers of the enormous mass of structured and unstructured data points.

A data scientist is person who got unique programming skills to build software to scrape and manage data. He should be better at statistics than any software engineer and can conduct analytical research with his undirected mind.

For becoming a professional data scientist, you must possess these skills:

Coding Skills

As a data scientist, you must possess excellent coding skills to fulfill your duties. Focus on learning these programming or coding skills before launching your career in data science:

  • Python Coding

Python is considered as the most useful coding language that plays a very crucial role in the world of data science along with Perl, Java, C and C++.

  • Hadoop Platform

Though Hadoop is not a requirement, it is now heavily preferred in many cases. Having a good experience with Hadoop makes a good selling point.

  • SQL Database/Coding

Even though the NoSQL, has become a highly important component of data science, it is still preferred that candidate should be able to write SQL queries.

  • Unstructured Data

Data Scientists are also expected to handle the unstructured data, whether it is from audio, video feeds, or social media.

Non-Technical Skills

  • Communication Skills

IT companies who look for sharp-minded data scientists always demand a person who can clearly translate the technical things to the non-technical team of the company. To wrangle data properly, a data scientist must enable the business to make right decisions by integrating them with quantified insight

  • Business Acumen

A successful data scientist must possess the solid understanding of the current scenario of the industry. So that he can quickly find out the new ways the company should be leveraging its data.

  • Intellectual Curiosity

The most obvious skill that every data scientists must possess is the intellectual curiosity as his most of the work is based on the research work.

Machine Learning or Data Mining Skills

Grabbing on both theoretical and practical skills of data mining or machine learning is also very important. One must possess the deep knowledge of how

Kernel methods work as learning implementations based on the particular environment are always necessary.

Big Data Processing Platforms: Hadoop and Spark

For taking your knowledge to the next level, just take a good hands-on experience on hadoop, spark, flint, etc. The main point is that the level of data in industry is amplifying at rapid pace and a data scientist must understand the different kinds of data processing frameworks.

  • Mine Hidden Big Data with Hadoop

Hadoop is an open-source software framework that is used for storing and processing of big data sets with the use of MapReduce programming model. Hadoop has become a most preferable central store in many enterprises. So let’s review some of the major reasons to use Hadoop administration for data science:

  • Data Exploration with Full Data Set

With the help of hadoop, data scientist can run exploratory data analysis tasks on full datasets. You just have to write a map reduce script and then launch it on Hadoop for getting the results back at your system.

  • Large Scale Pre-processing of Raw Data

 Most of the data science work involves the acquisition of data, transformation, and features extraction. Hadoop is an ideal platform for performing pre-processing steps that transforms the raw data into right format.

Having good hold on tools and frameworks like Amazon S3 and Hadoop are going to add a lot of value to your future data scientist career. So commence your data science training now and become an aspiring data scientist now.

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