How To Prepare Biology For Class 12 Board Exams

Biology is the natural science which comprises about the study of all the living creatures present on the planet earth and other concepts related to the human life, environment, plants, microbes, animals, etc. Biology is a dense course and is all about discoveries, diseases, diagrams and live experiments. Both theory and practical’s have an equal importance in this course.

The knowledge of biology subject is widely used in all fields, including biotechnology, geneticists, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacists, etc. Those students who are interested to pursue their career in medicals should have a detailed information about the basics. It is also compulsory to score well in the biology subject for both, the class 12 Board Exam and other medical exams to get selected into one of the top medical colleges in India.

Here are some of the important study tips for those students preparing for their CBSE Class 12 Biology exams.

  • Prepare and study according to the study plan. This is an effective way of preparing for the board exams.
  • Select a spacious, well ventilated and silent study atmosphere as you can focus only towards your preparations and stay away from all sorts of distractions.
  • Collect all the relevant information regarding the exam, including the syllabus, exam timetable, the complete set of study materials and other important questions from different educational websites.
  • Complete all the important chapters having maximum weightage, including Nitrogen Cycle, Reproduction in humans, Ecology, Excretion, etc.
  • Always begin the preparations early in the morning with a fresh mood as it improves concentration towards the studies.
  • Biology is full of diagrams, practice more diagrams. Never study the diagram orally. Practice it by drawing until you become perfect in it. Present the answers along with their proper neat labeled diagram in exams as it fetches full marks.
  • Try to revise the entire syllabus for at least 2 to 3 times before appearing for the final exam.
  • Prepare a list of all the important terminologies, definitions, examples, the names of all the scientist along with their inventions, and scientific names from the topic Binomial Nomenclature. These notes will be useful for a quick review before the exams.

These were some important and easy tips which students can use it while preparing for their class 12 Biology board exams.

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