Don’t Miss These Things before Starting JEE Preparation

A great engineering career starts with Joint Entrance Exam preparation. As a student, it can be overwhelming to start the JEE journey, but if you are smart enough, you don’t have to learn a lot. It is more about identifying the segments, chapters and concepts that eventually matter. Anyone who is in Class 11 should aim at making the most of the limited months available, and in case you have confusions, here are the tips for help.


Start with the basics

As a student, you have to know what can be best done in the time available. Let’s face it – There are classes to attend, extracurricular activities, and exams to take at school, so you cannot spend the time entirely on JEE preparation. Make a note of the important dates right away and you will find a lot of information on the web, as well. Check more details from here. Planning your time is the best way to make more time in the daily schedule. You should aim at spending at least two hours each day on JEE.

Move to preparing

An adept coaching institute can come handy for students in many ways. You can learn plenty of things about how to manage time in the exam, find the relevant chapters that need more attention and have better clarity with the concepts. There are some amazing websites and apps, where you can post questions, ask questions and read a lot of new things about cracking JEE. Balancing school studies and JEE preparation is very essential, and for that, you have to work on creating a plan of action. You will need a few books, but don’t choose anything and everything off the shelves. There are websites and forums where you can get names of the most important books for the three subjects – physics, mathematics and chemistry.

Other things matter

Do not spend all the time on books. While JEE preparation can take a toll on your personal time, it is equally critical to make instance for other things. Games, friends, family, movies, and time with teachers can be real stress busters. Instead of mugging up concepts all the time, you should be aiming at discussions, debates and healthy talks with fellow students, which can be induced learning. Also, do ensure that you are getting at least six to eight hours of sleep each day.

Start planning your JEE journey now!

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